Walking Tour

Be prepared to indulge yourself in activities to connect with the local habits of the people living there. You see, you forget; you experience, it becomes a memory. We help you to make your memories worthwhile
Milking Cows

Milking Cows

The cow is the sacred animal and worshipped as a god. It is interesting, to see the milking of cows by hands during the time of sunrise.


Small Market

Nobody hates shopping. Finding your needs in the market full of small shops.It is fun to buy things,at affordable prices in the road shops.


Sale of Rice batte

You might have heard about home-based business.Ladies sell rice batter prepared by themselves. It is a kind of self-employment for their livelihood.

Tea Shop

Tea Shop

Take a sip, along with local people leisurely talking and reading newspapers.It is the best place for interacting to know them better.A small petty tea shop proves Madurai as a sleepless city.


Fruit Market

The vibrant colors of the fruits displayed skilfully in different forms will attract us. Visit the wholesale fruit market, one of the busiest places in Madurai


Temple Car Festival

The lofty chariot will be vibrantly decorated with colorful flowers which makes this festival more interesting to watch. Enjoy the festival by walking through the road along with the chariot.

sugar cane vendors

Sugar cane juice vendors

Nature heals. The natural sugarcane drink will cool the heat of the body. Learn how they make and the trading activities in the stalls


Small petty salon

Have you ever imagined, a tiny petty shop has a hair stylist for the local people living in that place.It is interesting to see how skilfully they do it and earn money



The lofty chariot will be vibrantly decorated with colorful flowers which makes this festival more interesting to watch. Enjoy the festival by walking through the road along with the chariot

Open Library

Small Open Library

Be amused to see small shops with plenty of books. It serves as the small library for the people for both reference and purchases purpose. It shows the impact of their civilized culture.

Banana Leaf

Banana Leaf

Having food in banana leaf is the tradition.It contains anti-oxidants, and it is proven to prevent cancer.Values of eating in banana leaf are mentioned in Ayurveda also


Ten pillars street & Superstitions

You will be stunned to watch the gigantic pillar rich in architecture and for its timeless beauty. It was constructed for elephants which is a part of Thirumalai Nayak Mahal palace.

Madurai kolam


Kolam is a form of painting that is drawn by using rice powder or chalk powder or white rock powder often with naturally or synthetically colored powders during festival occasions. Every morning particularly in Tamil Nadu, millions of women wake up before sunrise.

And the floor of the owner’s house is cleaned with water and the muddy floor swept well to create an even surface to draw a Kolam as the design will hold better. Kolam is a kind of an exercise where people bend down and join the fingers while drawing Kolam which is good for the normal blood circulation.Kollam is the form of art drawn in front of their house for welcoming people. According to acupressure,when ladies sit on their toes it is a good exercise for their body

Sandal Wood welcome

Sandal Wood

According to Ayurveda, it is the best medicine for skin care. Sandalwood is used for its fragrance,divine nature and purity. Keeping sandalwood paste on the forehead cools the body heat

Sandalwood paste is integral to rituals and ceremonies, to mark religious utensils, and to decorate the icons of the deities. It is also distributed to devotees, who apply it to their foreheads or the necks and chests. Preparation of the paste is a duty fit only for the pure, and is therefore entrusted in temples and during ceremonies only to priests.

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