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Vanakkam Madurai

The ancient City of South India

Experience the warm hospitality of the people in the city that never sleeps, making it the safest place to travel. Modernisation changes things but values, remain constant. Vanakkam Madurai acts as a platform for people to enrich their experience and explore the city through a different kaleidoscope.

Our concept is special, rather than just exploring a new land you will experience the culture and tradition of the people living here. It is fun and awe-inspiring to indulge yourself in activities and live life like a local. We provide you the scope for understanding the lifestyle of the common man in the walk-in tours

"The wealthy city is not far off, and you need have no fear. Even if you go there alone, you will meet no danger on your way.”

Enjoy the authenticity of our traditional food which you cannot experience anywhere else. Our exclusive food tour will stimulate your taste bud for more. Join us at Vannakam Madurai to make your memories worthwhile.

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