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Vanakkam Madurai

Vanakkam Madurai is an interactive walking tour to discover local life at Madurai city.

We don’t show you the regular monuments or take you for a sightseeing. You will walk through the narrow lanes of Madurai early in the morning. You will get to see many more interesting things at the start of the day which will give you a real taste of local life and not a manufactured tourist experience

  • vanakkam-madurai-clients
    (New Mexico)
    My friends & I booked both "food safari" and the very early morning walk. Both were guided by friendly Early morning walk was also very interesting and great introduction to how local people live,shop & eat
  • vanakkam-madurai-walking-tour client
    (United Kingdom)
    Our trip to southern India had so many highlights but the walking tours of Madurai topped the lot. The 5.30 am start nearly put me off but the morning walk really helped show us what India is about
  • vanakkam-madurai-food-safari client
    Our group met with Karthik, and set off walking on the Food Safari, in the heart of Madurai. We had just visited and been guided around the legendary Meenakshi Temple, so our appetites were whetted! It was interesting as an experience

Specialty of Vanakkam Madurai

This walk gives you the taste of a local life, not a manufactured tourist experience
Walking tour in Madurai

Walking Tour

Walk with us through the streets of Madurai, witness the most unusual sights and experience the culture of people in Madurai

Food safari in Madurai

Food Safari

Explore the local food joints at Madurai and experience the food culture of Madurai in the most authentic and safe

Places to see in madurai

Places to See

Madurai which is one of the temple city has lot more to offer than spiritual things.Activities which will explore you to the different dimension of Madurai.

Things To Do In Madurai

When you walk with us, you will have greater curiosity to explore the city we live in and discover places you probably never even knew it existed

Walking Tour

Vannakam Madurai Walking tour provides you the scope for understanding how the city awakes, the local habits, the lifestyle of the common man, vibrant and busiest places of the city.
  • Milks of cow in Madurai
    Milks of cow
    Early in the morning, you will find people milking cows by hand in the streets you walk through which is definitely an interesting thing to watch
  • market in madurai
    Small Market
    You can see a lot of small shops in the streets. You can see how interesting it is to be there and observe things around you.
  • Rice batter in maduari
    Sale of Rice batter
    You will be amazed to see house wives and elderly people doing some or the other odd jobs to earn their livelihood.
  • tea shop in Madurai
    Tea Shop
    A small petty tea shop proves Madurai as a sleepless city. Get to know interesting facts while you sip your tea.

Food Safari

The food safari is not only for food lovers, but it reveals the tradition of the people and their speciality. Enjoy the food tour which will stimulate your taste bud and desire for more
  • Sugar cane juice vendors in madurai
    Sugar cane juice vendors
    This is another interesting sight to watch how trading takes place between vendors
  • Small petty salon in maduari
    Small petty salon
    It will be interesting for you to see how a small petty salon earns money in the locality through this salon
  • Open Library in Madurai
    Small Open Library
    It will be interesting for you to visit a small open library. It would be really nice to see the high civic sense of people
  • banana leaf food In maduari
    Banana Leaf
    Having food in a banana leaf is a tradition. It is good for health as it has its own advantages. It prevents grey hair at the early ages.
  • Garland in maduari
    Beautifully decorated and professionally tied garlands are being used for both happiest occasions and funeral ceremonies.

Place to Visit in Madurai

What is more sensational than visiting the versatile culture of the oldest city in South India. There is a lot more to offer than just spiritual being.

Meenakshi Amman Temple

Ancient temple of south india

Popular for: One of the oldest drawing with dimensions

Visit the 2500 -year ancient temple which is one of the most visited pilgrimages in South India. The rich history of the temple impacts the lives of people’s culture and tradition living there.

maduari meenachi amman


Alluring palace

Popular for : Italian architecture

Experience the royalty in the tranquil palace which is one of the major attractions of all the time. This place attracts the history explorers and serves a feast for architecture lovers

nayakar-mahal maduari


building the museum

Popular for:philosophy and teachings of Gandhi

The freedom we enjoy today didn't come by our birth but from the people who sacrificed their lives selflessly, during the struggle for freedom

gandhi-museum in Maduari



It was a wonderful and fascinating experience you see the local doing there early morning chores.Our guide and his assistant was very knowledgeable.Would recommend it to everyone

Avonash - (UK)

Our guide was the best we could have hoped for from the first moment we met him. We had booked an evening food safari and a morning 6am tour of the city and its markets. Both experiences were really worthwhile and highly recommended to experience the way of life of local Madurai people

Noel Garcia Lagrenee - (UK)

Excellent opportunity to speak to local people and learn more about Madurai way of life in the cool of the early morning. Easy walking, 90 stairs for a good view of the city. Takes 2 hours. Water was provided and light breakfast included. To be recommended

Russell - Australia

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